The REAL secret to Minecraft Towny!

The REAL secret to Minecraft Towny!

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After discussing in a previous video the things you need to think about to play towny well, in this video I dig a little deeper to uncover how to make towny the best …

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  • There is a good towny server, it isnt too big, its kinda small, but the community isnt toxic. You can be friends with anybody and its actually very good. If you are convinced, try it! if you arent, try it aswell, im pretty sure you will like it. This is the ip, there will be a link, but it redirects you to another page, idk why, just put it on Minecraft

  • I played on a towny server for a while. Did the whole solo thing, made a lot of money combing the land for dead or dying towns. Nether stars, invis pots, mob eggs, sea lanterns anything. I had stockpiles of them from people who stopped playing the game and let their towns fall to ruin. I've seen megacities with every kind of mob farm, huge sky scrapers full of untold riches, Town balances in the millions….empty. Their balance slowly ticking away over the course of years. New towns sprung up overnight with fervor and enthusiasm, fall apart in a week because they weren't charging their tenants rent and no one was paying attention to the town Balance. Well no one aside from me, the one who walked in and took everything I could fit in a shulker box the moment it fell.

    It's true what you say, without a community it's all meaningless. Maybe one of these days I'll hop back on there and try to do it properly.

  • IP:
    So just trying to get a little bit of my new Towny server if anyone would like to join itd be amazing, We average at about 20-30 players depending on the day and Have a lot of unique plugins and features such as:
    – Battle Pass
    – Competitive Weekly Leaderboards
    – Custom enchants (Unique to only our server)
    – Stacked Mobs/Spawners
    – Jobs
    – 100 levels (ranks)
    – McMMO
    – Custom Fishing (You can catch Sharks, Bass, Jellyfish and more)
    – Explosive Fishing (yes you can blow up fish out of the water unlike any other server)
    – Elevators
    – Cool Mature playerbase and a active discord
    – No B.S
    – Chunk hoppers and sell chests
    – Very challenging economy
    – Hard difficulty
    – Non P2W
    – Custom Crafting Recipes (You can craft the top 2 Crate keys)
    – And a whole lot more……..

    Anyways yeah if youd like to play and support a small server please feel free to join were a very active community and staff team and it'd be a pleasure to meet all of you! IP:

  • Heya Major Graft ! I've seen alot of your videos especially your towny videos as well ! it looks awesome 😀 I want to invite you to my server which is also a towny but we're heading towards an RPG Towny kind of thing. I hope you get to visit us, we're fairly new so we dont have much of a playerbase yet but I wish you could be part of it cuz you're freakin awesome 😀

  • that’s the truest thing i have ever heard i used to play on this one server that is sadly closed down i had friends and a wife on and had so many great memories

  • Hey man, I am a server admin and your video has perfectly described the vision for my server in words I could not say myself.
    Thank you for sharing such a great vision!

  • what town are you in? I just started playing Shadow Kingdom, can I join it? ohh and good work this videos are amazing we need more of this on performium


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