Ghé Qua – Dick x Tofu x PC Cover, Tiếng Anh – Jon Connell

Ghé Qua – Dick x Tofu x PC Cover, Tiếng Anh – Jon Connell

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Ghé Qua – Dick x Tofu x PC
Cover, Tiếng Anh by John Connell. Lyrics Below!
Original song here:

I wanna go with you on a peaceful afternoon
To a sunrise up above the morning dew
Sit beside each other on a hill smelling the flowers
The horizon of the city showing through your fingers
November is waiting for the winter time
Send me your love, your lipstick shines
If you’re in love always together then it’s too easy
So I chose to break us up into two entities
In December heavy rain but the sun still shines
I’m no longer sitting with you on our motorbike
I’m broken, still wanna be by your side
In the forest on the cliffs hear the birds in flight
Do you remember, we thought we couldn’t be together
’till we found the similarities inside each other
I search for the day when the doorbell rang
Staring brightly at the flowers for you in my hand

Forever in the past, in my head the kiss goes on
Heart is still asleep, been dreaming of you for so long
Want you back in my life, share it like the past times
See you’re in a hurry
I’ll go on, walking streets alone
Walking streets alone

Far away in the sky the golden sun was dying
The day was late, clouds faded and the wind was sweeping
I heard my heart beating silently somewhere as I lingered
A memory, brought a little warmth to my fingers
Why did I want it to stop, now I’m lonely
Busy with a private life of secrecy
Solitary, often drop by the post office
Or the library looking for our old pictures
It’s been a long time since you heard me say I’m lonely
I’d put everything aside immediately
To sit with you again, play with your hairpin
In a doorway following the lightning
A normal day was swept away within the winter wind
Decemeber is much colder dunno if my new shirt will fit
Now it seems like dew is forever falling
Miss you and
Wanna have
Fun together like we used to do now em
Please forget the old, old days
Stop regretting what we never had anyway
We never gave anything but sincerity
That for me’s enough and I wish you nothing but peace
Up in the windswept highlands with the birds
If we meet again I will share in turn
Go back to the pages of our diary’s verse
Dunno how I’ll feel to re-read those words

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