ALLSPARK 💥 Episode 3 – Transformers Cyberverse: Season 1 | Transformers Official

ALLSPARK 💥 Episode 3 – Transformers Cyberverse: Season 1 | Transformers Official

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Trong lúc lục lại ký ức của chính mình để hiểu về Allspphi thuyền Ark, Bumblebee đã vô tình khám phá ra một ký ức quan trọng …. Ký ức về Optimus Prime, người đồng đội quyền năng của mình.

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Transformers Toys: Welcome to Transformers Official the only place to see all you favourite Autobots and Decepticons!!! You can catch all your favourite characters from Optimus Prime and Megatron, Heatwave and Chase to Hotshot and Whirl, transformers Official has them all! Weekly content from your favourite shows including Transformers Cyberverse, BRAND NEW episodes every Monday; Transformers Rescue Bots and Transformers Rescue Bots Academy! Enjoy all the best transformers has to offer, Autobots Roll Out!!!

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